Goebel Liquor Wichita Kansas

Road Trip Brewing Company

Established in 2007

Rob Miller started "Rob's World of Beers" in 1995 with approximately 75 craft and import beers. Ever since, Rob, along with his best "beer geek" friends, has been on a quest to sample every beer ever brewed. In keeping with that theme, he invited the beer enthusiast to mix and match their very own unique six packs from his world of beers. As the demand for new beers grew, Rob and his brew crew began visiting breweries the world over trying to establish distribution rights into the state of Kansas.

These road trips have brought together generations of beer lovers. The stories that come home each time have become urban legends among friends. Cavemen used to scratch out primitive pictures to tell stories. Rob has chosen to capture some of these stories in the creation of some very special beers. In order to commemorate the 1000th beer in "Rob's World of Beers", Road Trip Brewing was established to brew small batch craft beers with some of America's most creative brewers.

Storytelling is the ancient art of conveying events in words, images and sounds. Stories have probably been shared in every culture and in every land as a means of entertainment, education, preservation of culture, and to instill knowledge and values. Crucial elements of storytelling include plot and characters, as well as the narrative point of view. Artwork scratched in the walls of caves may have been early forms of storytelling. As technology has developed... the ways people communicate stories

Where cavemen used to scratch primitive drawings on the walls of their cave, we want to tell our stories to be passed from generation to generation through the creation of unique beers... not by memory only.

A little planning can go a long way in making your road trip the adventure of a lifetime.

We suggest to make your next road trip a success by including your best friends and great beer.

Every guy I know always talks about going on a beer drinking ROAD TRIP! We call them "MANcations". But of course they are all classified as business trips.