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In 2002, when it open its doors as one of the first micro breweries in Mexico; Brewery of Baja California. After three years of planning brewpub in the city of Mexicali Baja Mexico was open. ; a bar where the beer of the house was elaborated. the concept was simple,pleasant ambient, quality fresh bee. As good lovers of the good beer saw that there was a necessity to offer artisan beer and gourmet to a market widely dominated by the commercial beers macro per decades. The name that wold take this serious beer Cucapa. The Cucapa' name comes from the native tribe of our state; Baja California. The Cucapa' tribe was the pioneers of our region and its love by the water and the nature took them to live in the delta of the Colorado River in the desert of Mexicali. The Tradition of the nature, the water of the river and the initiative of being the first people in exploring the region is what make Cucapa' Beer as unique as the ancestors of the tribe.
In 2004, as our business began to grow and our customers began to demand our product in a more convenient package, Cerveceria de Baja California started planning what would become our first production and bottling plant in 2006.
By the end of 2007, Cerveceria de Baja California shifted from being a brew pub to being a production plant, closing down both bars they had at the time. Now. Cerveceria de Baja California stand out as a leader in the production of high quality beer ans as a incessant advocate of the creation of a culture for good beer.

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