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Tommyknocker Brewery in Idaho Springs, CO is located in the old historical Placer Inn. Opened around 1859, the Placer is located only 4/10th of a mile from the spot where George A. Jackson found the first Colorado gold.

The Placer was a very busy place during the gold rush days. It housed an assay office where the miners would bring in their finds at the end of each day. After the days activities the miners drank black coffee, ate hot bread, pork, and beans for their supper.

During this period, Idaho Springs was a booming town which boasted the Argo mill and mine, which is 5 miles long. To this day it is still one of the longest mines in the world.

In 1859 the Argo, and other mines in the area, supplied the US Mint with 2 million dollars worth of gold. That amount was half of what the Mint took in for the whole year.

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