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Welcome to the Brussels museum of the Gueuze, the living museum of the traditional Gueuze. A living museum, where you'll find different forms of life, not only the Van Roy-Cantillon family but also the living micro-organisms which cause the spontaneous fermentation of the lambic.

Come in and discover a unique brewers' patrimony, a lambic brewery from 1900 where a family of master-brewers which is proud of her traditions and her products is still brewing.

Machines, most of them original, barrels with Lambic, Kriek or Framboise, cellars where bottles of Gueuze, Kriek or Lambic Grand Cru wait patiently till they get transferred to a customer's table, a mashing tun and boilers, a granary with a cooling tun where the Brussels air has free play, a filter and a bottling machine, these are the things you'll see during your visit.

You will see one of the last traditional breweries where nearly nothing has changed during the last century. You will experience a unique moment amid the lambic fumes which escape from the barrels in which the beer matures for three years.

The Van Roy-Cantillon family welcomes you and will be glad to unveil to you the mistery of the production of traditional lambic.

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