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André Dion and Serge Racine saw great potential in the craft-beer market, but they were faced with a challenge. In 1990, it was very difficult to obtain a brewer's permit in Quebec. In order to bypass this, Dion and Racine acquired 75 % of La Brasserie Massawippi Inc. in Lennoxville, a company that was in financial difficulty at the time, and distributed their products. They then purchased the remainder of the shares at the end of 1991 and transferred their interest in La Brasserie Massawippi Inc. to Unibroue. By 1992, La Brasserie Massawippi Inc. became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Unibroue. It then changed its corporate name to Brasserie Broubec Inc. and subsequently merged with Unibroue in July of 1993 to form the corporation as we know it.

In the spring of 1992, Unibroue became associated with a Belgian brewer, expert in producing beers on lees, and launched its first refermented beer: Blanche de Chambly. During the next four years, Unibroue developed and marketed six other beers. In October 1992, Mr. Robert Charlebois, author-composer, musician and performer, took an interest in the company and acquired shares in Radico Inc., Unibroue's parent company.

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