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David Myers, known as 'Chairman of the Mead', founder of Redstone Meadery, is a romantic and wants to see mead once again enjoying the glory days of yesteryear. He started the Boulder, Colorado company with the 'natural philosophy' that he produce the highest quality honey wine on the market.

Because of this 'philosophy of mead', Redstone does not cork (to avoid oxidation) but instead uses swing top bottles. This ensures the mead will not breathe while cellaring plus offers a much longer shelf life once the bottle has been opened.

In keeping with the 'natural' approach, Redstone does not add any sulfites, a known allergen, as honey is it's own natural preservative. Redstone only pasteurizes the must (unfermented mead) and never boils. The company strives to feature the flavors of the fermentable as much as possible.

In 2003 Redstone Meadery brought the International Mead Festival (www.meadfest.com) to Boulder, Colorado and with that helped to establish mead as its own beverage category. Also at this time Redstone spearheaded the creation of the International Mead Association (www.meadfest.org) to help promote and educate the masses about the world's first fermented beverage.

Currently, Redstone products are distributed to 20 states across the U.S., making it the widest distributed wine from the state of Colorado and one of the most widely distributed meads in the country! From the Northwest to the Southeast, Ask for Mead!

Boulder's Redstone Meadery, one of the country's largest mead producers, offers such enticing mixers as the Meadmosa, Nectar Be Darned and Mead Tai, but our favorite was their Honey Wine with Black Raspberry Puree (Redstone Reserve 2001). It's rich and sweet with dominant honey flavors, complemented by black raspberry, currants and cranberries. Try this melomel (fruit infused mead) in sangria or homemade chocolate truffles, as a sweet fillip for roast beef or duck gravies, or for a modern twist on tiramisu. -- Wine Enthusiast

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