Goebel Liquor Wichita Kansas

In order to make the farm more profitable, we started running a brewery. By producing our own ingredients, we knew we could make excellent beers. The search for an appropriate brewery was more difficult. Finally, we found one in Montana, USA. With a lot of patience we succeeded in installing the brewery on the farm. We had excellent water, the best ingredients and a good installation, so at the beginning of 2009 we could start.

With the help of Peter Kindts we made our first steps. The Dormaal Amber was a great success. The brewing process took place on our farm, but for the bottling we went to Frank Boon's brewery in Lembeek.

Adding a bottling room was the next important step. In 2010, we had a small, but efficient bottling line with a production of 2000 bottles per hour.

Also in 2010, we brewed our Dormaal Blond for the first time: a beer brewed with the best ingredients: hops, barley and yeast. The process appears easy, but the different flavours are complex.

In the meantime, we already have four beers in our brewery. Dormaal Donker (Dormaal Dark) and Dormaal Witgoud (Dormaal chicory beer) were added to the list

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