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The history of wheat beer is also the history of the Schneider brewing family and its famous Schneider Weisse.

Georg I. Schneider acquired the rights to boil wheat beer from King Ludwig II. in 1872. Back in those days the sales of wheat beer in the royal brewhouses were continuously declining and no one would have forecast a future worth mentioning for this noble beverage.

That's why it can rightly be claimed that it was Georg I. Schneider who saved wheat beer from "dying out". Being the wheat beer pioneer and creator of the original recipe for Schneider Weisse which still holds good today, he is revered by all wheat beer connoisseurs.

The founder ran the brewery together with his son Georg II. Schneider and in 1872 acquired the so-called Maderbräu at Tal 7, now known as Weisses Brauhaus, one of the oldest traditional breweries in Munich. The former ducal wheat beer brewhouses in Straubing and Kelheim were acquired as well in 1927.

The latter has remained the Schneider Weisse brewery to this day and is the oldest wheat beer brewery in Bavaria. Wheat beer has been brewed here without interruption since its founding in the year 1607. The Georg Schneider brewery family did however suffer a terrible stroke of fate in 1944: The Munich brewery fell victim to the bombing.

As a result the entire production was relocated to the intact brewery in Kelheim. There Georg V. Schneider continued to press ahead with the modernization and expansion of the brewery, of course always holding true to decades-old tradition. Just as does the current brewery operator, Georg VI. Schneider. Incidentally: The women in the family have always played a great role too, like Margareta Schneider, the wife of Georg V. Schneider, who lived true to the motto: "Preserve the past and create for the future."

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