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In the early 1980s, beer enthusiast and famed photojournalist Bill Owens envisioned opening an authentic brew pub similar to those that existed in England. It would serve up homemade, hearty libations with character and integrity. At the time, California law prevented the joint operation of a brewery and pub, and true beer lovers had few alternatives to watery, mass produced beers, unless they could figure out how to make their own homebrew.

But the law changed in early 1983, giving brew pubs the green light to draft their own beer on the premises. Owens, a pioneer in the early brewpub movement, poured himself into making his dream a reality, and opened Buffalo Bill's Brewery in Hayward California. It would be the second oldest brewpub in the country (the first had opened just a couple of weeks earlier), and the oldest in the Bay Area.

Today, Buffalo Bill's stands as a shrine to microbrew lovers worldwide, and a gem of Hayward's local entertainment scene. This year, we toast to 25 years on the microbrew frontier, quenching the thirst and soothing the souls of those who truly appreciate great beer.

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