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De Cam Oude LAmbiek

Geuzestekerij De Cam - Belgium

Seasonal: Winter

Available in 750ml bottles

Alcohol Content: 5.00% by volume

Well this is a very happy day!!! We are very proud to announce we have just landed into our store 1 6 bottle case of De Cam Lambic, aged for a minimum 3 years in oak casks and bottled in 2003 (altogether 10 years of maturation!). As we are sure you know, Karel Goddeau is the Master Blender at the Geuzestekkerij De Cam in Gooik. It is fair to say Karel is revered among Lambic lovers as one of the finest blenders working today. Many people have longed to see De Cam's lambics in the US and we are very proud and excited to be able to bring them to you.

We could wax poetic about the leathery, herbal, citric, woody, vanilla, buttery qualities of this extraordinary beer--but the only way to truly appreciate it is to taste it yourself. The one quality we must emphasize is that this is an OUDE LAMBIEK (old Lambic) NOT Geuze. There is some very light sparkle to the beer but it is not intended to have the high champagne-like carbonation that Geuze aims for. Oude Lambiek is like a fine white wine and its stillness is a mark of this.

Unlike many other unblended oude lambik, there exists both draft and bottled versions of De Cam Oude Lambiek.

Please note the age of the sample you are reviewing when entering your rating. While many factors determine whether you have had "Jonge" or "Oude" Lambik, a general rule of thumb is to enter 1 year-old or older lambik under "De Cam Oude Lambiek" and anything less than 6 months-old under "De Cam Jonge Lambiek".

For those between 6 and 12 months of age, you should take in to consideration the character of the lambik. Samples presenting themselves as hazy/cloudy, with some head-formation and residual sugar should be entered as "Jonge Lambik", while those that are drier, higher in clarity and with little/no head formation should be entered as "Oude Lambik".

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