Goebel Liquor Wichita Kansas

#2 Hot Pepper Ale

Weston Brewing Company - United States

Available in 22oz bottles

Alcohol Content: 0.00% by volume

Orange with a reddish hue, and a thins white head that fades immediately. Little bit of lacing.
Smell is hot peppers and some bready malts. Jalapeno aroma is definitely present. Not as familiar with the serrano, so I'm not sure how present those are. Little bit of hops and caramel can be discerned. Veggie/garden-like aroma pervades.
Taste is dominated by hot peppers. Again, the jalapeno is easy to pick out. If you concentrate, a little bit of the malts can be picked out here and there. Quite hot.
Mouthfeel is crisp, with a clean, hot finish. Lots of heat and bite on the tongue, and the heat carries all the way down to the stomach.

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