Goebel Liquor Wichita Kansas

Bourbon County Rare Stout - Retired

Goose Island Beer Company - United States

Seasonal: Winter

Available in 22oz bottles

Alcohol Content: 13.00% by volume

Pitch black, viscous pour. Minimal head formation, but the carbonation level is spot on to continue to give a nice bubble ring around the glass. Scattered lacing left during the drink. Wonderful nose. Bourbon, caramel, vanilla, oak and some dark roast. The nose on this is more complex and not nearly as hot as regular BCBS.
Really smooth and balanced between a big RIS and an American Bourbon Stout (I know there is no such thing, but there should be!) This beer has a wonderful malt base of dark fruit and dark chocolate/coffee bitterness. Then it has the wonderful bourbon and oak with some slight vanilla notes. The finish is super smooth and gives you a nice warming down the front of your chest. I really expected that this would be a thicker or stickier beer. It, to me, was almost too thin for all of the amazing flavor going on. I would have liked it to be "chewier". I can tell you that compared to regular BCBS, which is blazing hot to drink in the first year, this is like mother's milk!

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