Goebel Liquor Wichita Kansas

Ad Astra Altbier

Free State Brewing Company - United States

Available in 1/6bbl kegs, 12oz bottles

Alcohol Content: 5.60% by volume

Bronze Medal Winner, 1991 Great American Beer Festival - Dusseldorf Style Alts.

The name "Ad Astra" comes from the Kansas state motto, "Ad Astra per Aspera," Latin words meaning "To the stars through difficulties." Pale, caramel, and Munich malts are blended for a rich amber beer. The hops balance this malty sweetness, and Northern Brewer and Fuggles hops are chosen for their flavor. (O.G. - 13P/1052. Hops - 24 IBUs)

Pours a muddy brown color with definite inflections of ruby. The head was eggshell white and only about .5 fingers in size (but its a bar pour into a pint glass, that's kind of the norm). Lacing was solid. Ad Astra has a very malty nose. Caramel malt for sure and some toastiness to boot. Lots of dry smells too; leafy smells. Tobacco grows stronger in the nose as the beer warms and there is some tea leaf aroma there as well. This beer is hard to contextualize and figure out. I mean that in a completely good way. After you get acclimated to the the rush of sweet malt flavors you can pick up some distant orange peel. There is a spiciness that hints at flowers and fruit... its kind of like potpourri in a way. The leafy tobacco and oolong tea flavors show up on the palate. All of that craziness of flavor is held together by a mouthfeel that isn't really noticeable. It is a workmanlike feel, effective but not splashy. The interesting flavors make for a very drinkable alitbier. This is sessionable for sure.

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