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Basement Batch Pale Ale

Choc Brewing Company - United States

Available in 12oz bottles

individual $0.00

Alcohol Content: 6.40% by volume

Basement Batch is a traditional American-Style Pale Ale. Much like our infamous awarding-winning Choc beer, it's hadncrafted with only the finest ingredients. Starting with a base of American-grown 2-row malted barlye we add liberal amounts of carmel and Victory malts to give Basement Batch a rich, almost nutty, malt backbone to complement the unique citrus character of Cascade hops, which are the gold standard for this style. Like all of our choc beers, Basement Batch is "bottle conditioned," which means that it's fermented a second time while in the bottle. This long established method of carbonating beer will leave a thin layer of yeast on the bottom of the bottle. So, pour slowly and carefully to maintain clarity.

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