Goebel Liquor Wichita Kansas

Backroads Series - Entwined Ale - Retired

Boulevard Brewing Company - United States

Seasonal: Spring

Available in 12oz bottles

Alcohol Content: 4.10% by volume

Entwined Ale is the first production batch of a test beer formerly referred to as Nelson. While the recipe was adjusted slightly from the original tests, the use of Muscat juice remains the focus. The juice was combined with pale malt in the brewhouse for a beer that is light both in body and in color. It was hopped exclusively with a New Zealand hop variety called Nelson Sauvin, known for its tropical fruit and white wine-like aromatics. This unique session ale has a refreshing, slightly tart finish.

Color (EBC) 4.7
Bitterness (IBUs) 6.9
Original Gravity (Plato) 9.3
Terminal Gravity (Plato) 1.3
Alcohol (ABV) 4.1

Sensory Profile
Aroma Lightly fruity, wine-like nose
Malt N/A
Hops White wine, tropical fruit
Balance Crisp, slightly acidic
Body Very light

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