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Au Naturale 20th Anniversary Double Red Ale - Retired

Grand Teton Brewing Company - United States

Seasonal: Summer

Available in 1Liter bottles

Alcohol Content: 7.50% by volume

o commemorate that twenty-year history, the brewers of Grand Teton have chosen four of our favorite beers--three current, one historical--to update and enhance. XX Au Naturale Organic Double Red Ale is the third release in our 2008 XX series. Au Naturale Organic Blonde is the newest member of Grand Teton's mainstay beers, first brewed in 2006. Crafted with organic German malt and hops, it has a clean, smooth character reminiscent of the best European lagers. For our 20th Anniversary celebration, we've traded in the blonde for a redhead while keeping our German roots. Still brewed with all German organic malt and hops, the XX Au Naturale is bigger, maltier--and redder--than the original. The reddish Vienna malts that give this ale its color provide a spicy sweetness and some caramel notes that perfectly complement roast or grilled chicken, pizza, or pasta.

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