Goebel Liquor Wichita Kansas

Cantillon Krief 100% Lambic - Retired

Brasserie Cantillon - Belgium

Available in 375ml bottles

Alcohol Content: 5.00% by volume

Pours a beautiful cloudy rasberry red with a small bubbly that dissapears quickly. Smells of lemony tartness, tad of funkiness, soft cherry aromas in the background. Tastes of extremely tart cherries and lemons up front lasting throughout. Some barnyard funkiness right before the sourness hits. Absolutely no bitterness at all, finishes very smooth leaving some acid at the back of the throat. Lots of carbonation for the style.

A fantastic lambic, extremely sour but very smooth surprisingly. Didn't really detect any strong tannins or astrigent character like many lambics. Loved how subdued the cherry was, just enough fruitiness to match the sour. Fantastic.

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