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Big Dick's Olde Ale

Arcadia Brewing Company - United States

Seasonal: Winter,Fall

Available in 22oz bottles

Alcohol Content: 8.20% by volume

Somewhat of a cousin to Barleywine, Big Dick's is a classic English-style Olde Ale. Sweet and full-bodied malt flavors are complemented by a fragrant but mild hop bitterness. Sweet, bready malt aromas combine with rich flavors of dark fruit, brown sugar, caramel, and sweet nuts. A beer for keeping, Big Dick's Olde Ale will age gracefully, while fruity flavors continue to develop and bitterness will subside.

This is not only a BIG beer, it is a Well-Endowed Ale! We took a traditional English-style Ale and made it our own. Delightful on its own or as a digestif with a full-bodied cigar, Big Dick's is also big enough to stand up to many boldly-flavored foods.

Recommended Foods: Extra Sharp Cheddar, Braised Buffalo Ribs, Foie Gras, Crème Brûlée.

8.2% ABV
36 IBUs
Limited Release
Available November
12/22oz bottles Or 1/6 bbl

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