Goebel Liquor Wichita Kansas

Coney Island Human Blockhead

Shmaltz Brewing Company - United States

Seasonal: Summer

Available in 22oz bottles

individual $0.00

Alcohol Content: 10.00% by volume

Commercial Description:
Tough As Nails
Pound for Pound the Blockhead is a true professional. Penetrate the senses. Engage the brain. Propel towards the palate. Try this at home or your favorite drinking hole. Purely for your amusement.

Pours a mostly clear amber color with a nice off-white head. Aroma is caramel malt, dark fruits, and citrusy hops. Flavor is a somewhat generic malt profile, some caramel, slight raisin, orange, and apricot, and citrusy hops. Body is medium and palate is somewhat lively with high carbonation.

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