Goebel Liquor Wichita Kansas

Buster Nut Brown Ale

Ska Brewing Company - United States

Available in 12oz bottles

Alcohol Content: 5.15% by volume

This Brown Ale has a touch of nuttiness provided by our good friends Mr. and Mrs. Victory and Munich Malt. The addition of Northern Brewer, Cascade, and Willamette hops smooth this beer out to create an incredibly drinkable Brown Ale.

Pours a clear, deep brown with an inch-thick, creamy, resilient beige head. The aroma is pretty light, with notes of nuts, tree bark, roasted caramel malts, and toast. The flavor really picks it up, with a big toasty taste, nuts, earthy hops, roasted caramel malts, and brown sugar. Toasty, malty mouth feel, medium-bodied, and smooth carbonation. Smooth and sessionable, this one goes down so easily. Very nice brown ale.

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