Goebel Liquor Wichita Kansas

Dark Force Stout

HaandBryggeriet - Norway

Available in 17oz bottles

Alcohol Content: 9.00% by volume

"Double" (imperial) wheat stout.
This imperial really strikes back. From a strange country far, far away, comes the only Imperial Wheat Stout in the known universe. Once again, the 'Hand' brewery - four guys brewing in their spare time, on an absurdly small scale - boldly goes where no brewery has gone before.

Gooey dark-I thought I saw purple highlights. The scent is a bit subdued for such a big beer: I get a nose of coffee and sweet malt, but not much else. But the taste is a perfect example of why raters go for the Imperial Stouts. A big chocolaty taste, but some wheat spice still finds its way through. Almost brings back that "wow" moment of my first Bourbon County Stout years ago. Sweet mocha goodness. Definitely shows alcohol, but not in a pushy way. Thick and sticky malts. Bitterness not very apparent, just too keep all this malt in check. A full-on imperial beer taste that more than overcompensates for a relatively mild nose.

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