Goebel Liquor Wichita Kansas

Bourbon Barrel Aged Scotch Ale - Retired

Sprecher Brewing Company - United States

Available in 1Liter bottles

Alcohol Content: 9.50% by volume

We infused a robust bourbon flavor into premium reserve Scotch Ale by aging it five weeks in white oak bourbon barrels. The balance of six different malts and two varieties of hops compliments the hearty bourbon essence of this decadent Scotch Ale.
Alcohol by Volume: 10%
Degrees Plato (Initial Gravity): 18P
Weeks Aged: 20
Bitterness Units: 21 IBU
Year First Brewed: 2006
Recommended Serving Temperature: 55°
Malts: Aromatic, Caramel, Pale, Roasted, Vienna
Hops: Goldings, Hallertau

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