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471 Mighty Brown - Retired

Breckenridge Brewing Co. - United States

Seasonal: Summer,Fall

Available in 22oz bottles

Alcohol Content: 7.50% by volume

Breckenridge Brewery's Mighty Brown is a towering behemoth of a brown ale, rich, robust and full of personality. And it will go well with every other big event, meal or day in your life. Savor it. And ration it accordingly.

The pour is a nice dark brown color with some light red highlights to it. A big off-white head forms with the pour. Nice and malty with plenty of toffee and nutty character on the nose. Perhaps a hint of chocolate and caramel, too. Nuts and toffee right up front with maybe just a hint of acidity for some unknown reason. Perhaps it's the subtle fruit flavors I detect. In any case, fairly sweet and malt forward, like a brown ale should be. The body is medium with a lively carbonation to the beer. A pretty nice beer overall. Good flavor and aroma profiles, and easy to drink.

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