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Bone Warmer Imperial Amber Ale

Grand Teton Brewing Company - United States

Seasonal: Winter,Spring

Available in 25oz bottles

Alcohol Content: 8.20% by volume

Bone Warmer Amber Ale, brewed in the "strong ale" tradition, is a beer of great character, with exceptional malt flavor and warming alcohol content. Historically, brewers often drew three different runs from the same barley mash. The first, used for strong ale of "best beer", had the most alcohol. The second was used for less strong "table beer", and the third, a lighter and cheaper "small beer". Our Bone Warmer is brewed the same way, using only the first runnings from an extraordinarily thick, strong mash of Idaho 2-Row Metcalfe and Harrington barley malt, along with dark German munich and caramel malts. We subtly spiced it with "noble" character American Perle and Mt. Hood hops, fermented it at cool temperatures and cold-conditioned it for smoothness and drinkabitlity. The resulting ale is the color of roasting chestnuts, voluptuously malty, only slightly sweet, with a hint of toffee and a warming dry finish. It's an ideal accompaniment to rich meaty stews, wild game, roasted fowl or root vegetables, and aged cheddars.

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