Goebel Liquor Wichita Kansas

Cocoa Porter Winter Warmer

Tommyknocker Brewery - United States

Seasonal: Winter

Available in 12oz bottles

Alcohol Content: 5.70% by volume

Commercial Description:
Cocoa Porter Winter Warmer has been specially brewed in celebration of the old world tradition of porters and European Winter warmers. The addition of pure cocoa powder and honey to each barrel of this unique offering, enhances a winter season filled with warm friendships and good times.

Pour is a medium/light brown that looks much darker when it is all in the glass together. A bit of a soap bubble head and light aromas of cocoa, burnt malt and vanilla are enticing, but not very full. Flavor is pretty good, but comes across as watery at times... It's a nice mix of cocoa and roasted malt with a little bit of a honey like sweetness to it.

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