Goebel Liquor Wichita Kansas

Goebel Liquor History

          In 1995 when Rob Miller purchased Goebel Retail Liquor from his father-in-law, Bill Goebel. A family owned liquor store since 1971, Rob ventured into the liquor industry with his wife, Susie, after he graduated from WSU with an entrepreneurship degree. Rob always loved a good beer, but developed a passion for more craft beers while working at a liquor store during his college years. With his own store, he set out to create the largest collection of beers in the state of Kansas. In fact, you would have to travel to Denver, Dallas, or even Chicago to find such a wide variety from which to choose. In the 20 short years that Rob & Susie have owned the store, they have transformed it into Wichita's premier specialty beer destination. Rob and his trained staff have traveled the world looking for quality beers to expand "Rob's World of 1,000+ Beers.".
So beer is not your passion. Well don't fret because, Goebel Liquor offers a wide selection for the wine enthusiast. You will find the finest California wines, as well as wine from the Old World vineyards of Italy, France, & Germany. Rob seeks to stock wines suitable for every palate. Goebel Liquor has expanded its selection to feature the highly rated and award winning wines of Australia, South America and South Africa as well. If you are looking for a vintage wine or just a great value on an everyday table wine, Goebel Liquor is the store for you.
For the Scotch lover, Goebel Liquor is your destination. Rob has worked to build a fine collection of single malt scotches. Goebel Liquor invites you to experience scotches from the scenic highland regions to the plush lowland regions. Immense yourself in a single malt Islay scotch for a special treat. Goebel will have a scotch that is sure to please the most discernable tastes of any Scotch drinker.
So grab your passport & navigate your way through our web site. Keep in mind that every trip to Goebel Liquor will result in a unique experience. Either through sight, taste, or sound, your journey to Goebel Liquor - featuring "Rob's World of Beer" will leave you with a better understanding of the world of adult beverages. It might also leave you a little thirsty.